Is melt blown non-woven fabric important for epidemic prevention masks? There is no doubt that it must be important. It is used to produce the filter layer of the face mask, which is the most important part of the mask, commonly known as “the heart of the mask”. It constitutes an intermediate filter, which is essentially a fiber filter melt-blown layer. The droplets containing the virus will also be adsorbed on the surface by static electricity after they are close to the melt blown non-woven fabric and cannot be sent. Therefore, a mask includes a melt-blown layer to filter bacteria and block the spread of the virus.

So a lot of people wonder, is melt blown non-woven fabric difficult to produce?

In fact, its main features are as follows: It is a kind of non-steady-state analysis material (i.e. the control of the production management process of processed products is unstable). Specially, it is formed by the modified polypropylene melt blowing material flowing out of the spinneret at high temperature (about 300 ℃), and then drawing and setting under the action of high temperature air blowing. The difficulty of processing lies in the following points: the fiber to be melt-blown is very fine, generally only 1 ~ 3 microns in diameter, so it is difficult to open the mold, and the melting state of raw material shall be kept stable to ensure that the spinneret is not blocked; The temperature in the processing process is high. The temperature range of spinneret outflow and air flow is around 300℃, which is 50-100℃ higher than the working temperature of other ordinary nonwovens; The hot air flow is fast and can reach the speed of sound or higher (300-500m /S); It is greatly affected by different ambient temperatures. The temperature change in the area around the production line will directly affect the quality of melt blown non-woven fabric; The finer the fiber is, the better the filtration performance of the melt blown non-woven fabric, and the more electricity is needed, so the melt blown non-woven fabric industry is a high-energy industry.

Although the principle and the main structure of the device are clear, the unsteady process of the production of melt blown non-woven fabric is complex. Therefore, the grasp of key technologies directly affects the degree of internal structure and the quality of products and materials. The core manufacturing technology of melt blown non-woven fabric cannot be obtained only by purchasing, but also needs continuous exploration and accumulation of melt blown non-woven fabric plant according to market demand and product positioning. “Key technologies can’t be bought with money alone.” To put it figuratively, if the non-woven industry were to be likened to a track and field race, the production of melt blown non-woven fabric would be the most exciting 100-meter race.